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Downtown Miami Charter School

Downtown Miami Charter School opened in the Fall 2002 in a 43,000 square foot state-of-the-art charter school serving up to 650 students in grades K-6. Downtown Miami Charter School offers an enhanced curriculum, small class sizes, low student-to-staff ratio, parent involvement opportunities, personalized learning plans, character building education and experience faculty.

Downtown Miami Charter school front


The DMCS family “believes in the magic of education” and will work together with teachers, faculty, parents and community members to instill in students a lifelong love for learning by delivering a challenging, stimulating and individualized curriculum that meets each students’ unique needs, and allows students to realize the global impact of collaboration and contribution.

Programs and Services

  • Comprehensive core curriculum including science and technology
  • Parent access to PowerSchool’s Student Information System
  • Enforced uniform policy
  • Before and after care
  • Transportation
  • Free/reduced lunch program
  • Student clubs and extracurricular activities