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Title 1 Information for Parents and Families

Parents and families play an important role in Title I schools. With the enactment of the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 (ESSA), greater emphasis has been placed on parent and family engagement to help ensure students’ academic success. The law is shaped around the following three (3) components of parent and family engagement

1. Engaging Parents and Families

2. Building Capacity – Greater capacity for engagement by providing opportunities for parents and families to actively participate in training, activities, and events.

  1. Title 1 School-level Parent and Family Engagement Survey. Download and print: English (pdf) | Spanish (pdf) | Haitian Creole (pdf)
  2. District Advisory Council (DAC) General Meetings Calendar (pdf)  (opens new window)
  3. Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Calendar (pdf) (opens new window)

3. Timely Notification – All Title 1 schools must also comply with the following parental notification requirements:

  • Title 1 Program Parent Notification Letter: English (pdf) | Spanish (pdf) | Haitian Creole (pdf)
  • Parents Right-to-Know – Qualifications of Child’s Teachers
    • Parents in Title I schools must be notified regarding the professional qualification of teachers assigned teaching duties for four (4) or more consecutive weeks, in a class dealing with a subject matter that is outside the field in which the teachers are certified, outside the field that was their minor field of study, or outside the field in which they have demonstrated sufficient subject area expertise.
  • Flyer regarding the availability of the SIP, Title 1 District-level and School-level PFEF, and Title 1 School-Parent Compact: http://title1.dadeschools.net/pdfs18/PFEP_Flyer_18-19.pdf (opens new window)

For additional information, you may access the Department of Title 1 Administration’s Website, Title 1 Parent and Family Engagement page: http://title1.dadeschools.net/T1-Parent-Family_Eng.asp

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